LAUREL - Lesson No. 2

Laurel, The vids and pics I took today have disappeared off my iPhone. It's the last time I will use it to record your swing. Back to the digital camera! So, I want to remind you of the things to focus on in the next couple of practices.

1. Don't overreach. Shorten your backswing. Your backswing should end when your left shoulder reaches your chin. That's the trigger to begin your downswing starting with your hips. Don't reach for the sky because it tilts your body out of position for your downswing.  Sorry, I couldn't find any illustrations for your specific overreach. Watch the Gregg Norman video. It's in slow motion so you can clearly watch how still he keeps his body throughout his swing. I would like for you to stop your backswing a little shorter than he does for now.

2. Close your grip more with your right hand. We noticed that your right thumb is running down the right side of your shaft, which is an open grip and may cause you ball to go right of your target line. Place your right thumb so that it crosses over the shaft and is pointing inside your left foot and in the upward direction toward your right shoulder. See illustrations below. Also, watch Aimee's video about your grip. She over describes everything but be patient and watch because she has some good thoughts about this.

3. Reduce, or eliminate, dipping and lifting your head. Actually, it's more than your head because your head is attached to your shoulders and shoulders are at the top of your spine so in reality your upper body is doing the dipping and lifting. The Laser Focus I shared with you today should help to maintain your head position throughout your swing. At address, shoot a laser focus between the cornea of your eyeball and a dimple or mark on your ball and lock that distance in so that you maintain that same distance throughout your swing. See the graphic below for an illustration of this and also watch the video of PGA pro Aimee. PS: Be sure to keep your spine angle the same...about a 40 degrees tilt...throughout your swing.