JOSE - Lesson No. 1

Putting it all together: First video of day. We covered several elements regarding stance, ball location, grip pressure and location, aligning club square to target, takeaway low and slow, triangle maintenance throughout swing, wrist cock, flying elbow [this causes deep cupping of your wrist at top of swing], hip shift and turn, triggers downswing, lagging club head behind you by tucking right elbow to your side [shortens circumference of the swing arc], inside out swing track, bowed left wrist at impact, follow through while reaching for the sky maintains swing arc and helps keep you balanced at finish.

Order of importance:

  1. Hip shift—practice the hip shift anytime and anywhere.
  2. Right elbow—prevent fly away elbow by maintaining vertical forearm at top of swing.
  3. Inside out move—the hip shift and tucking your right elbow to your side at start of downswing will shorten the club’s arc and keep the club behind you for and inside out impact.

That’s enough to work on for now.

As advised, do some range practice at least several times a week, but no more than 100 balls on any outing. Text me if you need me between lessons.

At the top of your swing there is a rolling motion that triggers the backswing. Your head moves forward and dips slightly at this moment bringing the club into a steeper position than desired. If anything, the motion would better if it shallowed the club more. Also, you can clearly observe your right elbow moving away from your side and is called a flying elbow. This causes your left wrist to hyper-cup. Keep the forearm vertical and elbow pointing down to the ground and this will prevent the cupping of your wrist. The wrist should look straight, or slightly bowed, at this position.

Cousin's drill. Looks smooth and relaxed...good drill to loosen you up and warm up your muscles. Keep elbow vertical in backswing.