LAUREL - Lesson No. 5

Great lesson today, Laurel.

Key takeaways:

  1. Hip: continue resisting turning your hip on the backswing and continue pushing your hip forward to initiate the downswing. Practice our drill anytime, anywhere with or without a club.
  2. Nose over the ball: try to keep your nose over the ball during the backswing to help prevent you from swaying back off the ball.
  3. Laser focus on the ball: to help maintain the distance between your head and the help prevent dipping in the backswing and downswing.
  4. Wrist cock: add power to your swing by setting your wrist cock early. Do this by pushing out on the grip with your left hand soon after you begin the backswing. Maintain that wrist cock as long as possible in the downswing. Results will be more power through the ball.
  5. Elbow: to prevent flying elbow maintain your right elbow in a vertical position at the top of the backswing. This will result in a flat left wrist at the top of your swing and you will maintain this through the downswing...even bow it before impact for best power results.
  6. I'm adding one more—"Push a Chest of Drawers". See my note below your video that shadows Greg Norman's video.

This is your first warmup swing with the new Golden Bear 3-Wood at the beginning of today's lesson. Watch the additional videos see how much your swing improves towards the end of our lesson.

This is at the end of our lesson. Your swing is more solid and connected.

This is the same video in slow motion, plus a pause at the top to show how well you are now keeping your right elbow vertical at the top of your swing...and most importantly, this keeps your left wrist flat rather than hyper flexed when your elbow was flying away from your upper body. Vast improvement, Laurel!

This video shows a big improvement in your swing, however you continue to sway back during your backswing. Observe the video of Greg Norman next door to visualize where we need to your body in your backswing. Also, big compliments in reaching the top of your swing with the club shaft parallel to the ground...very happy to see that.

Pause both videos to shadow your swing to Norman's. Take a look at your video at 0:07 seconds and Norman's at 0:09 seconds. Compare your upper body location. Draw a mental line from the ball straight up vertically. You will see that your upper body is about one foot, or so, off that vertical line. Now, compare Norman's to the same vertical line. His upper body is pressing that vertical line. I believe your backswing sway begins at your feet and ankles. Push against the ground with your back foot as if you're trying to push a heavy Chest of Drawers to another location with your upper body...this will help prevent the sway from occurring. 

Notice that Norman leans into his center of gravity near the top of his backswing setting up an easier transition for him to make the forward hip shift to initiate the downswing. You're currently moving away from your center of gravity making the hip shift more difficult to achieve. Try leaning into your center of gravity instead and see how that works for you.

This is a larger version of your golf swing above. The end is truncated in order to cut the number of megabytes for download to your tab, however I can tell you that your finish was quite good, too.