LAUREL - Lesson No. 6


Today’s lesson was our first on-course lesson and only your second time to play an entire 18-hole round. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope I've helped you with golf course strategies.

I really like the progress you achieved, particularly on the back 9.

The video of your extraordinary 40-foot put was overexposed by the sunlight and I’m searching for software that may correct it so we can better see the ball travel from your putter to the cup. Anyway, it is posted below for now. The video starts late so we don’t see your backswing and only a portion of your forward swing…but the putt was great and I’m sure you’ll never forget it or the feeling you had in making such a nice putt.

I will be posting other videos that took during the playing lesson, but a little later today, or tomorrow at latest.

I am also posting a Scratch Academy video that I would like for you to watch several times and then at least once again just before you practice your swing again. This video is designed to help overcome hitting behind the ball. There are two primary factors: 1. As I’ve pointed out whenever you hit behind the ball it is primarily due to shifting your body back on the backswing [swaying], because it takes you away from the ball and shifts your center of gravity away from your original setup. 2: The other factor is early extension of your club. This is the result of not holding the club off in your downswing…delaying the release of the club head. Adam Bazalgette explains it a lot better in the video.

One more Scratch Academy drill that can help you with the proper backswing takeaway is also posted below. Adam demonstrates the problem of lifting the club in your takeaway with your wrist/hand movements. And he will demonstrate the proper connected takeaway that gets the club in the correct position. Please watch this a couple of times and then practice the drills he provides.

That's it for now, more later.


Okay, here is more...I've posted a bunch more videos of you swinging clubs and have identified a fault that should be fairly easy to correct. This is very subtle but will help prevent you from swaying in your backswing. Look closely as some of the slow-motion versions and you should see that your right leg goes past your ankle. To correct this be sure to dig your right foot into the ground and brace against the backswing so that your leg never goes past your ankle. In fact, your right leg should be angled slightly toward the target while you are executing your backswing. We'll work on this move on Wednesday. Other than this your swing is showing wonderful signs of improvement. Rapid progress can now begin!