LAUREL - Lesson No. 4

Hi Laurel, It was great to work with you today. We worked on turning through the backswing and shifting on the forward swing and a few other things.

The swing sequence below includes vertical and horizontal crosshairs on a scope. The sequence of photos allows you to see your movements throughout your swing. Your body from head to toes should remain pretty much even with the vertical line throughout the swing. You can see in the sequence that your upper body moves away from the vertical line in the backswing and your upper body then moves forward of the vertical line through impact and beyond.

Also, from the horizontal line you can see that your head stays pretty close to the line on the backswing, but on the downswing your head moves up fairly dramatically just prior to impact with the ball.

We agreed we would not describe the backswing as a turn, because it's too vague. From this day forward we'll call it winding [or twisting] around your spine. This will help maintain your body over the ball and it will load up [torque] your latissimus dorsi muscle.


The sequence we're working on is:

  1. initiate the backswing with your trigger...the click [push] forward of the grip about an inch or less
  2. drag the club head low and slow away from the ball [you will never ever again lift the club with your hands]
  3. wind your upper body around your spine
  4. at top of swing, shift your hip forward down the line [this triggers your downswing]
  5.  your downswing will shorten the circumference of you arc as you bring your right elbow into your right side
  6. your hip is now winding forward around your spine before impact
  7. you are maintaining your head level without lifting up and your eyes fixed on the ball
  8. your eyes remain fixed on the ball until your head is forced to turn toward the ball's path with the finish of your swing
  9. at all times, your upper body remains close to the vertical line as much as possible and your head remains level with the horizontal line
  10. your finish moves your body upwards toward the sky and not down the line...and that's the finish of the sequence.

You can start and pause the sequence on any frame with the buttons at bottom right of the photo...just above.

Laurel, This video with your 5-Wood was the last vid of the day and after we worked on pivoting around your spine instead of swaying back and forth. The vid shows a significant improvement, but we can get it tighter so that you are more powerful and consistent with your swing. We are working toward a pro-style swing similar to Greg Norman's. No golfer practiced more than Greg...even as a kid his hands would bleed from his long practice sessions, but we'll get there without those blisters. His swing is as perfect as any I've seen.

Now, watch the slow motion video of Greg Norman. His head is very still and he maintains his upper body directly above his legs throughout his swing. Greg's swing is what we are working you least something very similar. Then you will hit the ball consistently on almost every shot.