JOSE - [Consultation]

This is our first meeting. You mentioned that you had been playing for about 2 weeks before today. I'm impressed with how well you handle the club for just two weeks since picking up your first golf club.

First Full Swing: In spite of missing the ball, this swing has many really good elements for a beginning golfer. My speculation is that your early adaption to the golf swing comes from your experience with baseball.

There were two elements in your swing that contributed to missing the ball.

  1. There was a slight movement of your upper body and head during your backswing moving you away from the ball and this shifted your center of gravity behind the ball. You tried to make up for this by moving your upper body slightly forward through the downswing. We need to eliminate these movements.
  2. You pushed your body up too soon away from the ball in the early part of your downswing. Instead, you need to shift your hip forward to begin the downswing and hold off on the body lift until just before ball impact.

In your second video from behind your stance, everything looks similar to your front view. However, there is an error at the top of your swing, which may be related to BB. So, I've added a video in super slow motion isolating the top of your swing. Notice that the club circles foward creating a steeper plane to the ball. In golf you need a more shallow plane coming back to the ball with your driver...for a swooping motion that lifts the ball off the tee in an upward motion. It looks like your right elbows moves away from the side of your body and this appears to be what causes the circling of the club into a steeper plane.

By bringing your elbow into your side fairly tightly as you start the down swing it will help shallow the driver...dropping downwards, rather than pushing it upwards. I'm adding an instructional video by one of my favorite instructors that may help you understand the mechanics of shallowing the driver.

Below is the same video in slow motion so that you can more easily follow your swing, frame by frame.

Below the slow motion video is a video of Greg Norman. This would be an excellent swing for you to emulate. Take a look.