BECKHAM 7.17.20 Consultation

Hi Beckham,

Nice to meet you and Braden today. I thought you looked really cool in your sunglasses.

I hope you had fun hitting balls to the pins on the RANGE and putting balls in the holes on the GREEN.

Today, you learned

  1. to hit the ball in the hole on the green with your putter club. You need to practice more but you did a nice job for your first lesson.
  2. to hit your iron club off the mat. At first, the ball wasn’t going far but after learning how to stand over the ball and hold the club you started hitting the ball longer and straighter.
  3. to hit your driver club off my special golf tee. At first, your swing was too big, and I asked you to shorten it and you did. Then you started hitting the ball longer and straighter, too.

It was a fun day and I’m glad that I got to practice golf with you and Braden. Thanks!

The videos of you swinging your clubs are fun to watch and you did a really good job of hitting golf balls.

Mostly, I enjoyed watching you hit balls with your driver. Your first swings were really big ones and sometimes you missed the ball. But you improved because you learned how to stand and hold the club better. You will see this in your videos below.

In this video, you hit the ball and the ball went to the right instead of going straight. The reason it went right is because your club face was open. An open club face means the ball glanced off the club because it was turned to the right when the club hit the ball. To hit the ball straight toward your target the club face has to be facing the direction you want the ball to go.

This is the same video as above but it is in slow motion so you can easily see how you swung the club at the ball.

This video made me laugh because you made a really big swing at the ball and the club missed the ball…and you kept on spinning around! I didn’t make a slow motion for this video because you didn’t hit the ball.

This next video is great! You shortened your swing and you had a really strong grip with both hands. Your ball was teed up on one of my yellow tees when you hit the ball and it went very far. Great job!

This is the same video as the one above but in slow motion so you can see your swing better.