Bob has been playing golf for a number of years and has had professional lessons. Bob has a fairly quick swing and his clubhead speed is around 90mph and the ball speed about 120mph. Smash Factor is around 1.38 on average.

Generally, Bob has adopted a swing technique that involves excessive movements in the lower body and it results in balance issues at the finish and possibly throughout the swing. His left foot is shifting his body's weight from heel to toe and to inside his instep to outside his ankle during the swing, At finish, his left foot turns 90 degrees to the target line and the right foot moves in to help maintain his balance.

Bob artificially manipulates the club with his hands to start the the initial Takeaway. Next, he moves his left arm away from his body to push the clubhead behind his stance on a shallow angle. Then, he lifts the club up higher with his arms and finds his slot in fairly on Plane at the Top. From here, Bob transistions to the down swing by pulling the club around to his side where he again finds the correct Plane leading into the impact zone. The impact is generally solid, but his Smash Factor indicates that the ball is often hitting outside the Sweet Spot and his ball flight suggests that some of his impacts are pushed and some are pulled leading to larger dispersions from the target line.

I also noticed that Bob's right leg has very little knee bend at address, but near the Top of his swing he begins to squat down with both knees and raises back up vertically through the impact zone. This amounts to pushing against the ground and it provides Bob with extra power at impact, although it could contribute to off center hits.

All this activity within his lower body can make it difficult for Bob to have consistent shotmaking.

Ideally, I would like Bob to have a One Piece Takeaway that is not manipulated by the arms and hands and stays in Plane throughout most of the swing in order to simplify his mechanics.