Brandi 1.12.20

The main issue we covered in today's lesson is body tension and too much focus on swing thoughts. We talked about finding a trigger that will help you to relax your mind and body so you can free up the tension that's preventing you from hitting freely and naturally. Reducing tension will not only allow your to swing the club better, it will also be better for skeleton, muscles and tendons.

The golf course is a haven in itself...just being outdoors among nature and beautifully landscaped areas can appreciated for their beauty and can help relax the mind. Beyond that you can think of a special paradise like a beautiful island, or song, or whatever relaxes you.

Your swing mechanics are good enough that you should be able to play a nice round of golf and enjoy the game soon as you can put the swing thoughts away and just be one with the course. I know, easy to say but not easy to do.

We should also dedicate a little more on your short game as well. Pitching, chipping and putting. Next time!