BRANDI - 12.20.19

Today, we decided to shorten your backswing because you have been feeling pain in your back. In addition, you mentioned that it is difficult to stand in the set up position very long, such as during practice.

What we did:

  1. We agreed that you would shorten your backswing and try to develop swing speed by the hinging and unhinging your wrist. Hinge on the backswing beginning at about when your hands are waist high and the club is parallel to the ground...toe pointing to the sky. The hinge is to be complete by the time you reach the top of your swing when your hands have reach shoulder high...or a little more. Whatever you can tolerate without straining your back.
  2. Because your hits were consistently going right, short and low, I suggested that the club face was not closing through impact. The ball was glancing off the club face at an angle causing the ball to go right instead of straight. The reason this was happening is because your hands were not rolling back during the downswing, preventing the club from closing. After demonstrating the natural turning over of your hands and after some practice without a ball you were then able to hit the ball straighter, higher and longer. You will need practice of this natural movement until you've lost the holding off of the natural turning of your hands. It won't take very or two practices. I have added a video module below that may help you generate more speed in your downswing.
  3. We worked on your putting and the pendulum swing. We recognized that you were pushing the ball through the forward swing to make up for your shorter backswing. After some practice, you have the mechanics for the pendulum swing. The backswing equals the forward swing and vice versa...either way you look at it they need to match. Ditto for the swing speed. The speed should be the same in both directions. Commit to both distance and speed during your swing and if your mind tells you to hurry up or slow down just ignore it. Make the commitment and stick to it, because that's the way that you'll learn the correct distance and speed for a variety of putts in terms of distance, condition of the green, the slopes and undulations, etc. It really won't take long and you will be putting like a pro. BTW, you did a great job of reading the green and your alignment was spot on almost every time. Just need more practice of the pendulum swing.