BOB M - Lesson: 6.18.20

Hi Bob,

Good to see you today for another golf lesson.

Your upper body and shoulder motion appear to be in fairly good shape. You have a good shoulder turn and you move the club to the top into a good position.

Your lower body is quite active, but not sure what to do suggest. The extra motion maybe the reason for inconsistent impact with the ball, but it also is a significant source of power that creates increased swing speed.

If we were to rebuild your lower body motion you would have a more stable base for your swing, but it would initially reduce your power and shorten the length of your drives. However, you would get your speed back with practice.

So, think about if you want to sacrifice your distance temporarily in order to increase your accuracy. For example, if you are getting 150 yards from your 7-iron now, you might expect to get 140 while making changes to your lower body motion.

The videos are in regular motion, slow motion and freeze frames for stop motion. In addition, I isolated the lower body motion so you can view just that part without the rest of your swing.

Notice that during your lower body motion your left leg bend deeply at your knee toward your right leg. Then you sit down as if there were a chair behind your to sit in and then you get up quickly as your turn toward the target.

Let me know how the next bunker shots go after our demonstration in the little sand piles.

Coach Glen