BRADEN 7.17.20 Consultation

Hi Braden,

It was fun to meet you today along with Braden. You guys are fun to practice golf with.

Today, you learned how to hold the golf club and swing it to hit the ball. There’s a special way to do it and you caught on to it very fast.

One thing we will try to do in our next lesson is to keep your body a little quieter. This means you will stand more and spin less next time, but you will hit the ball straighter and longer. This is how you learn to play golf.

Today you learned how to stand over the golf ball. And you learned to swing the club back and then forward again to hit the ball.

You also learned a new way to hold the golf club, but most of the time you held it like a hockey stick with the hands apart. Next time you can hold your hands closer together and this will help you swing the club faster to hit the ball longer.

I took several videos of you swinging the club and you can watch them now. They are in regular motion and in slow motion so you can see your swing better.

I hope you enjoy watching them and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Coach Glen

This video is of you making a big swing and missing the ball. You went into a big spin, but you didn’t fall down! Good job.

This is the same video in slow motion so you can get a better look at your swing.

In this video you shortened your swing and you hit the ball and then you spun around again!