Hi Chirag,

Good to meet you today.

This is your consultation review and video analysis.

I explained the basic physics of ball dynamics.

  1. Swing path determines initial direction of the ball
  2. Angle of clubface determines what happens after that.
  3. Clubface square to swing path: Ball goes straight
  4. Clubface open at impact ball slices right
  5. Clubface closed at impact ball hooks left

There are other variations for draws, fades, pushes and pulls. We’ll covers those another time.

  1. Your swing is severely restricted, and your backswing is way too far behind you.
  2. You have too much body movement back and forth that causes your arc center to move away from the ball, and this causes misses and mishits.
  3. You are not hitting down through the ball. Remember the spike in the ball analogy.


  1. Your grip was weak in the left hand and neutral to weak in the right hand.
  2. Remember the Callaway logo on your glove for you left hand…facing at an angle away from you. Your left hand needs to be placed behind the club’s grip.
  3. Stance needs to be shoulder width with right foot square to path and left foot at a 30 to 40-degree angle toward the swing path.


  1. Takeaway must be with your shoulder pivot…at least ¾ pivot by the time your club is waist high.
  2. Clubhead should stay in front of your chest on the way up to the top of your swing. Your swing is currently way behind you instead of straight up and vertical.
  3. You are reaching across your chest with your arms. We’ll work on this next time. Your shoulder goes under your chin allowing the club to turn with your chest, so you don’t have to reach across it.


  1. Your current downswing is pulled down with your hands and arms.
  2. You need to start the down swing with your right foot…pushing off of it to start your hip pivot to shift your weight to your lead leg and foot.
  3. Clubhead comes inside to your swing path to prevent going outside of the swing path, which usually causes a slice or a pull, or pull hook.

Top Three Swing Flaws

1.     Takeaway and backswing too far behind your body.

2.     Legs straighten and bend during the swing. Left legs bends away from body.

3.     Left arm bends during the back swing.

There are other flaws, but these are the top three for us to correct in upcoming lessons.

Putting is fine for now. We can tweak it a little to improve distance control and I’ll train at the best way to perform spot putting.

Chipping is good, too. Need to work on pace control and distance control.

Pitching will improve when your swing improves.

Golf Clubs

  1. The shafts are stiff. You’ll want to replace them with Regular flex when you get them fitted for your swing…later on.
  2. The 68-degree is a fun club, but it will cost you strokes.
  3. Use your gap wedge for now. Gap wedges are 50 and 52-degrees loft.
  4. Later up pick up a 56-degree wedge.

That’s it for now.

Enjoy the videos. The freeze frames are for you to study the position your body and club is in at those points. We can discuss these during your next lesson.

Coach Glen