CHIRAG 10.13.20

FIRST LESSON [after consultation]

Much better today…very good lesson time. Much improved swing.

Our primary goal today was to get you in a better position to swing the golf club.

We reviewed your stance, alignment, grip, and takeaway.

Challenges are

  1. starting takeaway with a big shoulder pivot [3/4 pivot when club is waist high]
  2. shifting weight to the rear leg [right] during the backswing…it’s better, just need to work on getting your right pelvis above your right heel.
  3. bending your left elbow during backswing
  4. initiating downswing with your right foot pushing your hip forward in a pivot

We reviewed some practice drills you can do anywhere anytime without holding a club.

We reviewed the various grips: weak, neutral and strong. Your grip was somewhat weak in your left hand and too strong in your right. Adjusting both to neutral helps you hit the ball straighter.

Be sure shoulders are seen equally when looking down at setup. If one is protruding more than the other, then you are not in proper alignment.

Review the videos and pay close attention to the check points in the freeze frames.

The photo below shows you at the top of your swing. Notice the amount of elbow bend you have.

See you again soon!

Coach Glen