CHRIS 10.2.20

Hi Chris,

The main takeaway from your Friday lesson is have confidence in your swing, practice laser focus with every shot whether on the range or on the course and always size up the shot from behind your ball to your target. Read and repeat.

Your ball striking is getting solid. Your direction needs more focus and practice.

You also need practice with your 3-wood off the turf more because this is the club that get you on the green in regulation. If you can’t practice on the turf at the Oakhurst. then put the ball on a tee so the ball is practically on the turf.

When chipping, practice on flat surfaces and slopes and remember to lean in the same direction as the slope rather than standing up straight, or worse leaning into the slope because this when the grass will grab your clubhead to make chunky shots.

I’m wondering why you are required to play 9 holes without range practice. It is important that you hit range balls every day. At least, nothing less than a 10-minute warm-up before hitting the course. Can you check with Angela about this?

In terms of your swing, you are grooving it really well but there are small tweaks that we need to work on. Some of these are revealed in your videos.

For example, check the location of your hips at impact. They are facing the ball rather than pivoting toward your target. Because you are grooving this into your swing it may be difficult to get your hips angling toward your target at this point. One of the issues with this is that your clubhead releases its energy before arriving at the ball. If your hips were pivoted more toward your target your clubhead would be much further behind your hands at impact which help you hit the ball straighter and longer. If you want to work on that you will need to do it at the range. This isn’t something to practice during a round.

The other things we’ve talked about before. You still have lower body movement that makes it difficult to hit the ball squarely every time. For consistency, practicing a quieter lower body from the waist down would help you overcome this. Your knees straighten during the backswing and again through the impact zone. If you could maintain the same knee angle bend throughout your swing it would improve your consistency.

Distance is your friend and you have that when you have solid impact with the ball. Direction is less friendly right now and this is the reason I want you to mentally focus more on your targets. Hitting balls over and over won’t improve your mental acuity on the range. If you will take more time to focus on each and every shot, being sure that you are mentally aligning your shot from behind the ball before you set up for your shot will both help you slow down the frequency of your shots and help you mentally focus more sharply on each shot.

This is where you are now. Spend 75% of your range time mentally focusing on each shot and it will improve your accuracy significantly.

Again, you should have a lot of confidence in your game now and realize that all you need to do is focus more and practice more.

If you can’t hit off the turf at Oakhurst, there’s always Tour 18.

Hit long and accurately!

Coach Glen

  • From this angle your swing looks really good and there isn’t anything to comment about. Takeaway looks great.

A couple of points from this angle. Your head is tilted away from the ball. Try to bring your head up erect during your set up and maintain the head up position through your swing.

You have a nice, wide stance, your grip is neutral, and you have full extension of your arms throughout your swing.

The top of your swing is great in this video and the overswing is completely gone.

You can observe your knees straightening in the backswing and again through the impact zone.

Your shoulder takeaway is spot on and you stay centered on the ball…great job.

Freeze Frame 1: At waist high in your downswing it would better if you had more lag in your clubhead. This is where you’re releasing the club early by unhinging your wrists. Your hips have shifted forward and still facing the ball.

Just before and at impact your hips are still facing the ball.

Freeze Frame 2: Just isolating on your great arm extension while chasing the ball to your target however notice that your hips are still facing the ball and it would be better if they were facing your target at this point.

In this video the freeze frame again isolates your swing at impact and your hands are behind or at the ball instead of being forward of it. This is because your hips are still facing the ball. If you had pivoted your hips forward the clubhead would be behind the ball while your hands were well past the ball. This doesn’t keep you from hitting long, but it does affect your accuracy.

In this video we can see that you takeaway is really great. Notice that you take the club straight back on your target line before you take the club up. This is exactly correct. Bravo. However, take a look at your clubhead at the freeze frame. The clubface is sideways to the ball. All the drives that you hitting high right is because of this. Not sure where this comes from in your swing, but it may be coming from the weak grip position. The neutral is best, but if you find yourself hitting high right you could adjust to a strong grip to see if that will correct this flaw.

In this video, you have a little better lag on the clubhead at waist high. Instead of the clubhead below your waist, it is above it. The freeze frame is just after impact because there is no video frame at impact, but it shows hands in alignment with your clubhead instead ahead of it.

This video places the freeze frame closer to impact and again it would be better if your hands were more ahead of the clubhead and ball position at impact. I believe the only way you can accomplish this is to pivot your hips more. They remain stationary, facing the ball at this point rather than moving toward your target.

You do a great job of initiating your downswing with a big hip shift forward, but you don’t continue that movement with the pivot. This is holding you back from becoming a better golfer than you are today. Something to think about and work on.