Interesting playing lesson today. There’s a saying…maybe you’ve heard it.

You have to bring your range success to the golf course. Or, some just say I didn’t show up today. It happens all the time…so don’t be stressed.

Besides, your short game was pretty good today.

But, I’m certain I know where your A game went today.

Truth is, it was better that you had these issues so I could observe them.

No. 1 Extreme cupping of your left wrist throughout your swing.

No. 2 Blocked shots caused pushed shots

It will be fairly easy to correct cupping of your wrist, and hopefully your blocked push shots as well.

We’ll work on these Saturday.

Review the videos. The blocked shot is best demonstrated in video 6 [V6].

If you have any questions call me.

V1 driver1 cupped wrist

V2 driver1 cupped wrist slow-motion freeze frame

V3 driver1 super slow-motion

V4 driver1 right elbow should be seen below left arm at ff

V5 driver2 cupped wrist super slow-motion

V6 driver3 blocked shot. FF is late in swing. Stop at .09 of a second. This is why you push sometimes. Your right elbow can’t cleanly pass your hip and pushes your swing to the right of your target line. Got to get the elbow a little further away from your hip to prevent blocked shots.

V7 nice chip to within 8 feet of pin from a tight lie well away from the green.

V8 not a nice chip because your club passed underneath the ball and barely lifted it. The ball may have been sitting up on the grass, and you may have used your 60-degree…I say that because the face looks almost flat under the ball.

V9 nice execution, wrong club. The 6 was too strong. A 7 would have been the best choice…or possibly an 8.

V10 same shot slow motion

V11 bunker shot…the second one…nice out this time.

V12 nice putt for execution but missed due to hurry-up misread. Unforced error. Take your time and look at it from both sides…and walk the line to feel slopes with your feet.