CHRIS - APRIL 13, 2020

Videos provided by Chris.

Thanks for making these videos.

I've produced regular speed, slow speed and a couple of freeze frames from them.

Your swing basics look improved and I particularly like your downswing and club head path through the impact zone.

I would like to see a smoother finish allowing the club head to come on around to finish well behind you. I think that you may need to allow your left elbow to bend sooner during the finish.

The final video is your best finish, but still not complete. By not completing the finish you leave your body a little out of balance because it's stops when your weight is forward of your center of gravity.

This is about all I can tell from these videos.

I can't see the ball flight so I'm not sure if the club face is square of if your club head path is down the line towards your target.

Next time, please try to get a video from behind so I can see that angle and your ball flight.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Coach Glen