CHRIS - 5.27.20 LESSON

We worked on a variety of swing elements today starting with your irons, 7, 8 and pitching wedge, your driver, and then putter/hybrid.

I've posted several videos for you to watch. Some at normal speed, some at slow speed and some with freeze frames to point out swing elements.

1. Look for overswing...still have some of that. When the shaft gets past horizontal at the top of your swing it's because your left elbow bends too much. Try to shorten your backswing so the club doesn't go past horizontal.

2. Stay connected...remember to keep your upperarms next to your chest during your set up and during the swing.

3. Make slight adjustments in your grip so that it eventually becomes more neutral.

4. Practice putting off the green with your hybrid.

That should do it for now.

I like you high finish and your hip turn to start your downswing...those are real good assets.

Coach Glen