CHRIS LESSON - 5.28.20

During this lesson we slowed your swing down to half speed. The purpose was to find your slot and begin to groove in some muscle memory. The reason is because you've been hitting low left shots that are drawing, pulling or hooking.

We started with irons and the switched over to your favorite hybrid.

There are 10 videos for you to take a look at and study. Several are in regular speed to show your full swing and in one or more your setup and motions prior to the swing. However, I edited most of them to shorten them to focus on certain aspects of your swing and included a couple of freeze frames, as well.

Your swing sequence is very powerful. You reach a strong position at the top with fully torque back muscles. You are leveling off the top now so the shaft is not dropping behind you nearly as much and your are correctly starting your downswing with your forward hip turn. Your hip turn is so powerful that it reminds me of Jack Nicklaus. You may want to take a look at his is swing for his hip turn. But please don't try to copy it, or Jack's lifting his left heel off the ground. That would take too many years to get any consistency and that is pretty much a thing of the past. But your hip turn is very much like his and that's a great thing.

I added a freeze frame as close to the ball impact as possible. You will see in one video a FF of the open clubface where the ball squirts off to the right. It believe what may have occured is that you hit the ball on the very tip of the club's toe and it caused the face to open and twist in your hands. This is the only shot that did that.

Also, I want to compliment you on the great extension you are getting with your arms throughout your swing. Really good all the way through to the finish.

Mentally, continue to think about your target so that your clubface knows where to go at impact and after impact...straight down the line toward your target...and always laser focus about where you want your ball to fly to and land. Visualize the ball's flight before making any shot. See the ball leaving your club's face, rising in the air...high, higher, and higher, and then begin to fall toward your target. If it's a pin on the range, then the bottom of the pin. That's how focused you should be on your target.

Coach Glen