CHRIS – Lesson: 6.16.20

Hi Chris,

Good to see you again…great lesson today.

Today we focused on your grip, your shoulder turn and your hip bump near impact.

Your videos are in regular motion and slow motion, but no freeze frames.

Your swing sequence and speed was so good today that there were virtually no flaws in your videos.

We also focused on your putting stroke well off the green in place of regular chipping and your touch was really excellent. With practice you will learn to get much closer to the pin.

We also worked a little on your putting stroke on the green.

Both off the green and on the green I want you to learn to keep the speed of your swing at just one tempo. Distance will be determined by the length of your backswing and the forward swing should match exactly…no slowing down and no speeding up. You did a great job adjusting to this technique, as well.

Moving onward and upward.

Coach Glen