CHRIS Lesson - 6.18.20

The video below shows a shortened version of your full swing in slow motion and with stop motion to focus on different elements.

Your sequence today is your best ever.

Your takeaway is very smooth with your arms fully extended. You reach the top of your swing in a very powerful, torqued up position. You initiate your downswing with a strong move in your hips while holding your club off as much as possible. Notice the club shaft is still pointing upwards while you are already into your hip pivot. Notice also your full arm extension at impact with the ball, and you continue this full extension after contact.

These are the elements that produce a powerful golf swing and add distance to your drives.

I can't recommend changing anything in this sequence, but you do need lots of range time so you can see your ball flight as you hit many dozens of balls. Limit your practice to around 75 to 100 balls at a time so that you don't develop any flaws from being too tired to swing the club properly.

You can practice putting, chipping and other things if you need a break from driving the ball.

Have a great weekend and don't forget it's Father's Day weekend!

Coach Glen