CHRIS Lesson – 6.23.20

Another good lesson today.

We worked on your basic swing using different clubs, chipping using different clubs and putting with the shoulder rocking motion. Both in chipping and putting we are trying to measure our distance to the pin by the length of the backswing matched by a forward swing but can chase the ball in the forward swing making it longer than the backswing. The concept is to stroke the ball in chipping and putting rather than hitting the ball. You did a great job all around.

Today, we worked on keeping your right elbow connected to your swing so that it points toward the ground instead of away from you at the top of your swing. The videos show that you captured this ability. But first I took photos of the top of your swing. One where you elbow points toward the street…but you can’t see it in the photo. The other one with your elbow pointing toward the ground so that it is more connected to your motion and body. The look is dramatically different in the two photos and you were surprised when I showed it to you. You’re a quick adapter of the motion.

In the photograph, your left wrist is cupped rather than straight, but in the videos during your actual swing your wrist is fairly straight.

We also worked on your shoulder pivot to keep you centered over the ball during the swing. Again, you adapted quickly. Now, you need to practice it to keep it.

The videos show that your basic swing is powerful, on plane and that the sequencing is correct in the backswing and the forward swing…and arms well extended in both directions.

Continue to practice this swing until it is smooth and natural and grooved for consistent ball striking.

See you Thursday.

Coach Glen


The photos above are posed so they aren't exactly correct for the top of your swing. Their only purpose is to show the difference between your right elbow pointing toward the street away from your body [left photo] and your right elbow pointing towards the ground [right photo].

This above video in live speed motion is an excellent representation of almost exactly the perfect swing for you. The one below this one is the same but in slow motion so you can more easily review and remember this motion.

Here is the same swing from down-the-line view. The swing is almost identical to the one above that is face on. The one below is in slow motion.

This live motion video has a freeze frame at the top of your swing to show your right elbow in the correct, pointing down position.

Another angle of your swing in live motion. The video below is the same but includes a freeze frame to show your elbow in the correct position at the top.