CHRIS Lesson — 6.26.20

Today was a little rougher than our usual practice.

Basically, we worked on grooving your swing in that has gotten away from you since our last lesson session.

It’s not unusual for a golfer to temporarily lose their groove when the groove is not deep enough. Are as some golfers like to say on the course, “When the wheels came off.”

Not to worry though, we’ll get it back soon.

As mention, and as you practiced, continue holding your "pose" until your ball flight has ended.

Your swing thought is to just to connect with the ball and make it fly in the direction of your target at the correct launch angle...straight to the pin. You can think other swing thoughts as you watch the ball what did I do to make the ball go that way. Or, Wow. I hit that perfectly!

The things in order of priority to work on are:

  1. Sturdy, stable base. Your right knee is straightening during the backswing. Don’t let it do that. Keep the same bend going back as it at the set-up. Your forward swing is fine.
  2. Full shoulder turn eliminating snatching the club off the ground and reaching across your chest.
  3. Initiate your downswing from the inside of your right thigh to bump your pelvic forward while pivoting the pelvis counterclockwise.
  4. Be sure to maintain the distance between your nose and the ball…no variation at all…be very focused and precise in contacting the ball first for a clean strike.
  5. Your plane is too vertical. Continue to work on bringing it down to about 30-degrees off the top. This is done by keeping your right elbow pointing toward the ground, your right palm flat with fingers pointing away from you…opposite the target line

When your club is too vertical you’ll either come of the top and hit the ball dead left, or you have to reroute the club inside to outside and this will lead to scooping and hitting sky balls.

It sounds like a lot to remember, but these are small adjustments needed to get you back into your groove. Once these are committed to muscle memory you will be hitting more consistently.

I’ll post more videos later, but for now take a look at this one. The slow-motion version has three freeze frames that’ll describe under that version of the video.

Coach Glen

PS: I've posted two more videos in regular and slow motion plus several freeze frames. All of the videos are of your best shots. Next I will add some where your shots did not go as well so I can try to identify any flaws that I may have missed during your lesson.

This video represents one of your better swings today.

The first freeze frame shows your right elbow is in proper position at the top...pointing down. It also shows that your club shaft is perfectly on plane with a straight left wrist.

The second freeze frames shows that you right elbow has come into your right pelvis in perfect timing for your approach to the impact zone.

The third and last freeze frame shows full extension of your arms as your are near to completing your swing.