CHRIS - Lesson 6.4.20
Super good job today, Chris.
You arrived hitting grounders and left hitting high shots to your targets. Bravo!
As I mentioned, you have a really good compact swing now after our complete rebuild and it will become much more repeatable and reliable as you groove in the new swing mechanics and make them your own.
There were two areas that we worked on and these should continued to be practice as much as possible during your trip.
First, tapping or brushing the ground at the ball position so that you make solid contact. Do the 3, 2, 1 drill...the practice swings before hitting the golf ball. Start with 3 times, then progressed to 2 times, and then to 1 time. Always, always, whether practice or in competition, at least 1 practice swing before hitting the ball. If you can't tap the mat, grass, or teeing area in the practice swing there's a 90% chance you will not hit the ball with full impact.
Second, practice the drill I showed you for your shoulder turn. Use a club if you have one with you. Or, find a rod, or something that you can use like a golf club to keep your shoulders turning together...or let's say pivoting together.
These are the two things to practice while you are away.
There 3 videos below in two versions each. The first video in each set will be a real time speed. The second video will be in slow motion with a freeze frame at or nearest to the impact that the camera captured. Video number 6, the last one, is a good one to study...everything looks really good in this one. And it was one of your best shots of the day.
Have a great trip.
Coach Glen

Chris, I've added this slow motion swing by Greg Norman...His swing has a nice tempo even in regular time.