Hi Chis,

Very productive lesson today. I've spent much more time on this analysis because we made substantial progress today. We're just cleaning up your swing mechanics and set up by basically elminating unnessary and destructive movements that are responsible for some of your swing flaws. We covered a lot of territory so I made lots of photos and videos and even some looping gifs for your to study.

Toward the end of the lesson we measured your stats with the Swing Caddie with excellent results. We can track your progress with future measurements. Ideally, our goal is Smash Factors of 1.35 with your 7-Iron and 1.50 with your driver. This measures how well you hit the ball in the center of the clubface at the proper angle of attack with a square clubface.

We rechecked all aspects of your setup and swing mechanics. Most everything basically checks out except for a couple of flaws mostly in the swing mechanics.

These are minor flaws, but they have significant consequences.


The set up was fine, except for the club shaft angle. The proper angle is created when the club handle is immediately in from of the ball while the club head is immediately behind the ball.


  1. Takeaway Trigger — Slight forward shift. Straightens wrist and delofts clubface.
  2. Bigger shoulder pivot during takeaway. Waist high shaft position full ¾ pivot.
  3. Downswing Trigger — Start the downswing shift in your left foot.
  4. Over-active lower body during swing. Twist total body from feet through shoulder. Stop left knee from dipping and turning. The left leg should twist from the ground up to your pelvis only without dipping and turning.


We worked on chipping by maintaining throughout the swing the same setup wrist hinge and clubface angle of attack through impact with the ball. This helps promote solid contact and avoids the risky chance of blading the ball.

We also experimenting with laying the clubface open to increase loft and thereby increase the flop shot factor. This was more of pitching shot than a chip.

Lots of practice still needed to prevent chopping, hitting at, and blading the ball.


I’m introducing gifs and more photos of your golf swing. The gifs will help you see your swing repeatedly on a loop. You can pick out portions of your swing watching the gifs loop. In particular pay attention to the position of the club face at impact.

The photos were taken to have still frames of your swing mechanics in particular positions. Mostly at address, ¾ shoulder turn [waist high club shaft], top of the swing, and impact zone.

The vids are in regular motion, slow motion and freeze frame to emphasize points within your swing.

Congratulations on the First Place in the tournament hosted by Texas A&M.

Practice often with good swing thoughts.

Coach Glen


Swing Caddie Measurements [meters and km/h—I converted to yards and mph below]

These are great stats for your experience and age. They will be your reference stats for future progress on swing speed and smash factor.

Left is with 7-Iron: 178 yards carry; 93mph swing speed; 118mph ball speed; SF 1.27

Right is with Driver: 267 yards carry; 104mph swing speed; 147mph ball speed; SF 1.40


Set Up: Excellent posture and alignment. Improved club handle distance from thighs: 4 to 6 inches instead of zero inches.


Waist High Position in Takeaway: full ¾ turn at this point with correct clubface angle and full arm extension.


Top of Swing: Great position, except right elbow is pointing at an angle to the ground and needs to be pointing directly down to the ground. Getting the right elbow completely vertical with palm facing the sky will straighten out the cupping in your left wrist. The clubface will face more toward the sky when correct this position. Also, please notice that your left knee is dipping towards your right leg. It should only twist and not dip.


Impact Zone: Look at your clubface. The clubface is open just prior to impact and it is leaning away from the ball. The result is a high ball to the right side of your target. This is scooping with an open clubface. Practice hitting down on the ball with a delofted and squared clubface instead.


Finish: This looks good. We’ll talk about this next time. The finish should be posed during ball flight. The club shaft should wrap around your neck at shoulder height. Looks good, feels good and promotes good balance throughout the swing.


Gif 1: Watching this looping gif is instructive. Take notice of the club face location and angle of attack in the impact zone. You can see the ball take of high and to the right. This needs to be corrected so that you are hitting down on the ball with a square club face.


Gif 2: This is a look at your takeaway. It shows that you’re making a good shoulder turn, but it also shows your left knee dipping toward your right leg. It should only twist as we discussed.


Gif 3: This one shows the entire swing. The upper body is doing mostly what I’ve instructed you to do, but your lower body is way too active for good ball control. To increase your Smash Factor, we need a more stable base to strike the ball in the center of the clubface. Left knee guilty of over reacting.

Video 1: This side view shows a really solid swing with semi-solid ball impact.

Video 2: This is a slow-motion version with 3 freeze frames of the Video 1. The freeze frames are ¾ shoulder turn, top of the swing and impact. The impact was with a partially open and delofted clubface.

Video 3: This angle video is similar to Video 1, just a different angle.

Video 4: Same Video as 3, but in slow-motion with freeze frames at ¾ shoulder turn, top of your swing and impact zone.

Video 5: This had to be put in semi-slow motion because the swing was so quick that it wouldn’t post properly. LOL

Video 6: This is hitting the ball with your driver while trying to knock out of the park…and you do a really good job of generating distance. But the swing is a little out of control and we need to work on getting a better Smash Factor through more control of the swing mechanics.