Lesson 8.4.20

We worked on ball striking consistency with your shoulder pivot and right elbow pointing to the ground at the top of your swing. We also worked on alignment, squaring the clubface at address and measured your swing speed, ball speed and Smash Factor. Good stats overall.

7-Iron: 177 yards carry distance, 86mph clubhead speed, 116mph ball speed and 1.35 SF.

5-Iron: 202 yards carry distance, 88mph clubhead speed, 126mph ball speed and 1.43 SF.

Driver: 275 yards carry distance, 100mph clubhead speed, 149mph ball speed and 1.48 SF.

I advised you to fall in love with your 5-Iron because it will become a very important reliable distance club for tournaments.

We also worked on chipping and putting. We included pitching for greenside shots, and we worked on your pitching to several nearby pins. Everything seems fine in this department other than a rare blading.

Watching the GIF of your swing below I notice that you have a great trigger mechanism to start your downswing. It's is in your left foot. It moves in with your knee and lifts a little bit off the ground. That's when this foot begins to shift your weight to the front to start your downswing in proper sequence. Good job.

Practice chipping and pitching until our next lesson.

Coach Glen

CHRIS 5-I 202...