CHRIS 9.18.20

Hi Chris,

Our lesson focused on tweaking parts of your posture and swing with the 7-Iron, 3-Wood, Hybrid, and Driver, plus shortrange chipping.

There is excessive movement in your lower body and as I instructed, you need a very stable lower body to support your upper body. It should pivot by following your shoulder pivot during the backswing, and that should be done with some resistance through the hips.

What to avoid:

Dipping your left knee during the takeaway and hopping through the impact zone.

  1. Allow your left leg to pivot toward your right leg, but not to bend excessively.
  2. Remain grounded during through the impact zone

As mentioned, use the phrase, STABLE TABLE, to help you remember to be quieter in your lower body.

Other adjustments that needed to be made:

  1. Keeping your left arm in alignment with the angle of the club’s shaft at address.
  2. Move your driver 6 to 8 inches away from the ball at address
  3. Maintain good tempo…don’t try to crush the ball because this can contribute to your swing coming apart through the downswing and in the impact zone and you lose your balance at the finish.

Of particular note: Watch the slow-motion videos and note the freeze frames to see how your left foot leaves the ground and turns several times towards the target before settling down.

As I mentioned, after taking your stance turn your left foot 45% towards your target. This is needed to overcome hopping on that foot, but it will take time to reinforce this because the motion is engrained into muscle memory.

ALIGNMENT: Be absolutely certain beyond any doubt that you are properly aligned to your target. And focus on the target line as if it’s on fire to burn into your short-term memory. This should help you chase the ball towards your target.

CHIPPING: Your chipping is very good overall in its alignment, but you need more practice for distance. You definitely improved during our lesson and it was instructive that you learned to lean with the landscape and to be aware which way the grass is growing.

Hope you have a great trip to Galveston, however the tropical storm, or hurricane, may be interruptive. Hope your family decides to remain in Houston at least on Sunday.

Coach Glen