CHRIS Lesson - 6.2.20

We made good progress today.

Your swing is looking better from all angles. The top of your swing is in a great position. You are fully pivoted so that your back is towards the target, your arms are in the correct slot and your club shaft is horizontal with your irons and just past horizontal with your driver.

Any inconsistency in hitting the ball is most likely due to your set up position. You appear to be standing a little bit too tall with only a little knee bend. Try bending your knees a little more and try to maintain that same bend throughout your swing, at least until impact. Your videos show there is a little straightening of your right knee near the top of your backswing and this could change your position over the ball...eye and ball distance needs to remain the same at this point in your training.

Below are regular and slow motion videos for your to study. I added a couple of Freeze Frames at the top of your swing to show your iron shots at horizontal and your driver shot just past horizontal. This is a big improvement in your swing.

Coach Glen