CLARK Consultation – 6.9.20

Hi Clark,

It was good to meet you for a consultation.

I got a good look at your swing and made suggestions at the range.

I’ve also looked at your videos and they confirm my on the range thoughts.

I believe you have a strong, athletic set up for striking the ball.

Naturally, being new to the golf world there are some adjustments that you will need to make to become a consistent ball striker.

These are the thoughts that I shared with you at the range and the videos were after those adjustments were made.

Your stance was too wide. We adjusted your stance to shoulder width. This provides with a stable base while allowing you to easily pivot during your swing.

Your grip was close to being correct and we adjusted it to be a neutral grip.

Your grip was too tight, and we adjusted to a lighter grip. A 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.

You described trying to bow your left wrist at impact and I suggested that you think about it as being flat at impact rather than bowed. It’s possible you may be able to bow your wrist without affecting impact at some point, but it’s too early to do that while trying to adjust your overall swing.

Your backswing was too vertical and off plane. We adjusted it to be more in plane and this brought down a little from the high vertical position.

You have a tendency to hit off the toe of your clubface and this twists the clubface to the right and sends your ball severely to the right.

We adjusted your distance from the ball by finding the proper distance by dropping your club down from a vertical position to parallel with the ground, and then bending from the hips until the club’s sole rests on the ground. That is the proper distance.

There is a tendency for the club’s sole to grab the mat when starting the backswing. I suggested that you let the club lightly touch the mat. That improved as well.

The videos below are in regular, slow motion and freeze frames. This will allow you to observe your swing at regular speed and then at a slower speed. The purpose of the freeze frames is to stop the motion so you can study the image while stopped. I did a couple of these at the bottom of your swing. One of them shows your clubface is coming in at angle that lacks rotation to square up with the ball. This caused your ball to hit far right of your target line. I think this is when we moved to the other side of the range to give you a bit more room.

The other video [the face on one] shows that the clubface is coming to the impact zone in perfect square position to the target line and the ball.

I have some drills that I will show you next time that will help with the proper rotation of your arms and wrists so that you can square the clubface consistently for better ball striking.

We took a look at your putting and chipping skills and made a couple of adjustments, but it seems these two are the strongest part of your current game. I made a couple of small adjustments.

Let me know if you have any questions and when you would like to meet again.

Coach Glen



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