Chris is on the Summerwood Golf Team and plays both Varsity and JV tournaments. He has played golf for about 2 years and apparently loves the game according to his father Jason.

Chris described the areas that he believes need improving and these include drives off the tee, hitting straight rather than to the right [pushes], chipping, pitching and putting.

Chris indeed does tend to hit his shots to the right and more so with his driver than with his 7-iron.

Chipping was tested and he is using an unreliable technique keeping his arms bent at the elbows, away from his body and straight back and straight forward. This motion is very difficult to maintain consistency because it’s not an anatomically natural movement.

I didn’t observe his pitching because in observing his chipping I was already making suggestions for alterations to his chipping and went right into suggestions for his pitching.

Putting was also tested. Distance and alignment were inconsistent using his bent elbows away from his body method and attempting to maintain a putting stroke back and through on a straight line.

I demonstrated a more stable putting stroke where the elbows are connected to the body and the club swung on a slight arc. I also demonstrated spot putting and ball alignment for both distance and direction. On lag putts, the ball should not ever be short of the hole and always be within 18 inches past the hole if the putt doesn’t drop in the cup. This was demonstrated, as well.

Suggestions during the session:

Driver and 7-iron:

Open stance [currently square to target line],

Takeaway of the clubhead more along the alignment rod [currently taken inside to quickly by manipulating his wrist turn],

Set the top of the backswing in a more laid off position with right elbow pointing to the ground [currently pointing away from his body], and

Left wrist set straight or slightly bowed [currently cupped].

A couple of other suggestions regarding his lower body is to bend his knees more so that he is in a more athletic position, which is more stable than his current fairly erect position. Also, attempt to keep the knee bend during the backswing instead of straightening the right leg when he shifts his weight on his right side during the takeaway.

Additionally, by setting the clubhead more laid off at the top will help prevent his current overswing.

Chris’s downswing looks mechanically sound. It is initiated by a slight bump of his pelvis toward the target line, which drops his right shoulder into his side so that the clubhead moves in an inside track to the impact zone.

At impact, the position of Chris’s hands [lead wrist [left] cupped and right hand bowed. For maximum impact we want just the opposite position of each hand. This is one of the reasons that his swing speed versus ball speed—Smash Factor—is on the low side.

The videos below were taken after my suggested tweaks. His dispersion was significantly reduced [closer to the target, which was 157 yards away]. His distances were 148, 152 and 157 with his 7-iron.

The videos are from front on and from the back in regular and slow motion. The vids can be started and stopped by clicking anywhere on the video…not just the start and stop arrows.

In my estimation, Chris is quick adapter to changes and can learn new techniques to improve his ball striking and scoring. His scores currently range from around 90 to about 105. I believe he can get to a low of 80 this season and in the 70s in his junior year…and possibly low 70s. Lots of potential and depends on the amount of instruction and practice. Physically, no limitations.