CHRIS Lesson 5.22.20 Tour 18

I sent a text to your dad 5/23/20 asking that you try moving the teed ball toward the middle of your stance when hitting with your driver. This thought is based on the fact that your videos show the driver head rising above center with the ball. If this is the case, we can move the teed ball back, or we can have you push the tee much lower into the ground for a much lower teed ball...just the opposite of what I suggested during the lesson. It appeared that you were hitting down at the ball, but instead the videos suggest that you driver head is ascending faster than it appeared. Let me know by text if this helps.

This is the main takeaway from the videos.

However, in review, please continue to practice using the routine we worked on during the lesson. When the routine is committed to muscle memory it will free up your brain power to focusing more exclusively where you want the ball to go and how it is to get there.

Practice Tips:

Use a more neutral grip to help straighten out your hits that are drawing too strong to the left.

With irons, tee your ball just forward of center but no more than a ball's width.

With driver and woods, tee your ball lower, or further back in your stance to catch the club face more in the center when rising.

That's it for now.

See you Tuesday.


PS: The very last video is just for fun! I reversed your hat trick. Cool.