Coach Glen's Competitive Golf Program [CG Program] is a highly specialized training program for competitive golfers. The CG Program is an intensive training regimen that is designed to develop the student to compete at his or her highest possible level.

Coach Glen accepts only a handful of golf students because the time and training commitment is much greater than that of the recreational golfer.

In order to qualify the student must be enrolled in a competitive golf program in school or with another golf organization.

There are several other elements required to be considered to qualify for my CG Program.

  1. If the golfer is under age 18, a parent or guardian must sign a waiver permitting the golfer to participate in my CG Program.
  2. The golfer must commit to learning all aspects of the game. This includes learning the proper swing sequences for each golf club, from driver to putter, and learning to play the course.
  3. In addition, the golfer will be required to learn the USGA Rules of Golf. The rules book will be provided to the golfer and will be periodically tested. A minimal score of 75% will be considered passing the tests.
  4. The golfer [and parent or guardian if underaged] must meet for a 1-hour consultation. During this meeting Coach Glen will make an assessment of the golfer’s goals and potential.
  5. The training schedule is somewhat flexible however the golfer must show continuous progress in skill and knowledge. Typically, this will require at least two 1-1/2 to 2-hour lessons per week, plus a 9-Hole playing lesson once a month.

The cost of participation in my CG Program is $75/hour.

This is a serious golf program with serious potential for winning at golf and only serious golfers will be considered.