You did a great job finding a good starter set of used clubs. These will last you at least a year, if not longer because they an excellent quality, durable brands and the ones you will need to practice and play golf.

I'm thankful you virtually have no experience as a golfer. This means there are no bad habits and swing flaws to undo. We get a clean start.

I was impressed with your ability to adopt the set up and swing mechanics during your first lesson. While you appear to be a little unsteady at first, you will quickly overcome this.

Your swing sequence is correct and impressive for your first time.

The set up works, the takeaway from the ball is right, your hip turn and your upper torso turn is correct [absolutely no swaying or rocking like most people new to golf], you're in a good position at the top of your swing and your downswing is initiated by your hip turn toward the target [instead of with your arms and hands...another big problem for people new to golf] and all the rest of your swing. It will smooth out in a very short time.

The one flaw that we need to work on for now is your left elbow bending too much at the top of your swing. You can practice this at home as well.

Looking forward to working with you each week after you've had time to practice.

Coach Glen