DAVID Lesson — 6.13.20

Hi David,

Good to see you again for another lesson.

We made a few new swing adjustments today.

Your upper body swing motion has improved considerably. Your takeaway looks good, the top of your swing is in the right place with your right elbow pointing downward, your left wrist is straight, and the club is in the correct slot on plane. One of the videos stops [freeze frame] at the top so you can see the position of your arms and the club…all good here.

However, there are more adjustments we need to make to your lower body motion. We worked on the width of your stance and your knee bend that looked like you were horseback like a cowboy. Despite being a Cowboy fan, we need to leave that for the rodeo. LOL.

The feeling I want you to have is that your knees are pointing toward each other rather than away from them. Also, your left knee tends to push forward during your backswing, and it should turn toward your right knee as it is pulled around by your shoulders and hips.

You can practice the lower body motion with or without a club and a ball. Practice many, many times this motion. The one I showed you on the range that we did together.

Next week we will work on your speed through the impact zone.

Coach Glen