A lot of improvement in your swing since your consultation.

We still need to work on keeping your left arm straight throughout the backswing, particularly as you get to the top there is a good amount of bending at your elbow.

Practice with and without a club to keep your arms extended in the golf swing. The right arm bends at the top of your backswing as it should. And your left arm bends at the finish of your swing. Other than these two bends, your arms should remain fully extended...as much as possible.

Also, remember to make a one-piece takeaway for your backswing with the shoulders turning together. You have a tendency to reach across your chest with your left arm. If your shoulders turn together that will help eliminate this tendency.

A couple of videos in regular and slow motion and in freeze frame can isolate the arm bending for you. Study your swing in these videos and practice as much as you can until we meet for your next lesson, Saturday at 11am.

Coach Glen