DAVID Lesson — 6.26.20

Hi David,

Thank you for practicing between lessons.

Your lower body, particularly your leg posture is remarkably improved. The only element I saw during the lesson to improve in your lower body is your left knee bending forward during your backswing. Simply allow your shoulder turn to pull your knee in toward your right knee. There is no need for your knee to do anything independently…just let the shoulder turn do the work.

Regarding your upper body, please continue to work on keeping your arms extended throughout your swing. Your lead arm, the left one, remains fully extended in the backswing to the top of your swing and then again during the downswing through the impact zone and continues extended while chasing the ball down your target line until it is forced to bend at the finish of your swing.

Your right arm also stays extended throughout the swing, but you don’t have to give this a lot of thought because if you keep your left arm extended then it will help keep your right arm extended.

The order of priority for you to practice is the following:

  1. Hip turn starting the downswing from the top of your swing
  2. Shoulder turn starts the backswing and pulls your hips and left leg
  3. Arms fully extended throughout the swing

Add the following if you complete the first 3 elements.

  1. Chase the ball to your target with the back of your left hand
  2. Get your right elbow pointing toward the ground at the top of your swing

Also, you could spend more time on the putting green in order to become more accurate in your distance control. You want to try to get within 3 feet of the hole on the first putt, and then sink the ball with your second putt. That’s the goal.

Enjoy your golf journey!

Coach Glen

The section below was added July 5, 2020

Your videos were finally downloaded after many failed attempts. My review and analysis of your swing did surprise me a bit because you have already developed some really good swing elements that we’ve been working on. Your practice and lessons are paying off.

There are four original videos from different angles in regular motion, slow motion and with freeze frames. The latter is to illustrate how well you are achieving our objectives in your full swing.

During our next lesson I would like to concentrate on two elements: First, your swing speed…we need to increase it, and second is your finish posture, which is actually called your pose. If you will notice that on the regular speed videos, I allow them to run out past your pose posture, while in the slow-motion ones I stop the video where your pose should freeze while your ball is in flight. After you’ve watched your ball land on the fairway is the time to break your pose.

Video 1: Slow motion from the back. Club on plane, swing solid in most elements. Slight elbow bends.

Video 2: Slow motion with freeze frame at top of swing demonstrating David’s right elbow properly pointing towards the ground. Overall, excellent swing mechanics.

Video 3: Slow motion swing from face on [front] demonstrating excellent swing mechanics.

Video 4: Slow motion with four freeze frames:

a.     ¾ shoulder turn when club shaft reaches horizontal during backswing with excellent arm extension.

b.     Top of swing with club properly in the slot position, but with a little too much left elbow bend. This can be improved by extending the right arm a little more away from the body while keep its elbow pointing toward the ground.

c.     Full extension of the arms at impact position with square club face.

d.     Almost full extension of the arms chasing the ball down the line.

Video 5: Full swing in regular motion at an angle. All aspects are excellent except for a little too much left elbow bend at top of the swing.

Video 6: Slow motion full swing with two freeze frames:

a.     At the top with club horizontal and every aspect looking good with right elbow pointing to the ground. And only a slight left elbow bend…much better in this video.

b.     Full arm extension at impact…really excellent.

Video 7: Full swing from the back in regular motion. Everything is excellent except the pose at the end…it ends too soon.

Video 8: Full swing from back in slow motion with 4 freeze frames:

  1. The ¾ shoulder turn position with fully extended arms…excellent.
  2. The top of the swing position with elbow pointing down…excellent.
  3. Entering the impact zone position with right elbow into the right pelvis and the club’s shaft horizontal to the ground…excellent.
  4. Chasing the ball position…left elbow folding a little too soon, but still good.
  5. That final frame is the pose position and the one you should hold until your ball has either landed or stopped rolling…so about 3 to 5 seconds more.