DAVID 7.11.20 Lesson

Hi David,

You’ve made impressive progress. I really like your swing finish so much better now that you can pose in balance while watching your ball fly toward your target. And so much more, too. Your body is getting more in alignment with an athletic position and remaining in balance.

You are executing your pivot in both directions better with your body mass staying centered over the ball.

And you blew away your former distance with the huge drive you hit today. That’s one for your memories, for sure.

One of the things we continue to work on is your left knee moving out away from your body instead of being turned in toward your right knee during your takeaway swing. But as you continued to hit, you began to execute better allowing the shoulders to lead your pelvis and then your left knee toward the right one.

You also made great progress in keeping your lead arm, the left one, much straighter and we shortened the top of your swing to parallel.

At the same time, your right elbow is hitting the correct position, elbow pointing down, every time. Great job here, too.

In addition, you are learning to have better arm extension throughout your swing and especially after impact where you chase the ball to its target with full extension…and this leads to the great finish that leaves you balanced at the end.

Very impressed with your shoulder pivot leading the takeaway…another giant step towards the proper golf swing. The takeaway is so important because when you get it right a lot of other possible flaws disappear.

The videos below are regular motion, slow motion and freeze frames. Take a close look at your entire swing to discover how good it is developing.

PS: You brought your son, David Jr, and I helped him get started hitting the ball. He did really well for the first time. I’ve set up a separate page for him with his videos and analysis.

I understand that he will be in Mexico for about 3 to 4 weeks and then return and you would like for me to give him some more golf lessons.

You can check with the golf courses in the Woodlands. If any agree to allow me to teach him there, I can try to arrange some time after he gets out of school, otherwise we can meet at Tour 18 on Saturdays.