Hi David,

We had a great lesson today. Your progress is really moving along now thanks to your lessons and practice.

It has now been two months since you started lessons with me, and you’ve come a long way in a very short time.

We were able to work on a lot of swing adjustments today because you are learning and absorbing the proper swing techniques.

We readdressed all aspects of the golf swing with the most focus on these areas:

  1. Setting up your address to the ball at the proper distance from the ball using your “bend at the waist motion” allowing the clubhead to slowly drop to the turf.
  2. We adjusted your super strong grip to a natural strong grip by rotating your left-hand position counterclockwise on the handle so that you see only 2 or 3 knuckles.
  3. We eliminated the straight-line lever of your arms and the club’s shaft to create a more natural angle for your left wrist, which was previously bowed instead of hinged.
  4. We created better alignment of your shoulders by eliminating the “pushed out” right shoulder at address.
  5. We eliminated the too soon “inside to inside” swing in the back and forward swings. Now you take the club straight back and you chase the ball toward your target instead of swinging inside after impact with the ball.
  6. We created a flatter left wrist at the top instead of cupped by allowing your right palm to face more toward the sky.
  7. We eliminated your overswing by stopping the club sooner as a result of less left elbow bend and folding at the top of your swing.
  8. We eliminated your left knee from pushing forward during your takeaway and now it resists and is being pulled toward your right leg by the resistance in your pelvis.
  9. For your driver we worked on tee placement and tee height and that is helping you with better ball contact…straighter and longer drives!

That’s a lot of important elements that we worked on and with really good results.

As a result, your golf swing is becoming more natural and will continue to improve as long as practice. Soon, you will want to play some rounds of golf so that you get used to using your clubs during an actual game.


Compliments on your position at the top of your swing. The videos and gifs show that you are in a great position with both hands and arms in the proper locations. Your left wrist is flat instead of bowed, your right elbow is pointing down instead of away from your body and your club shaft is parallel to the ground, of less, most of the time. No overswing now.

Your ball impact is improving, and you are hitting straighter and longer shots when you contact the ball properly. And you’re really doing a great job with your driver.

There are a lot of videos, gifs, and a photo all demonstrating your golf swing for today. The gifs are fun to watch too because you can see different parts of your swing repeating over and over. Also, you should notice that your swing is on the correct swing plane and making a nice, smooth arc.


Coach Glen