DAVID JR 7.11.20 Consultation

Hi David,

It was a pleasure to meet you today to get you started in golf. You surprised me and your dad with how well you were hitting the ball right away. You have youth and athleticism on your side.

Today, we worked on the set up for addressing the ball and that included getting you into an athletic position, feet shoulders width apart, knees bent, seating on the edge of a stool, spine bent from the pelvis toward the ball and shoulder in the same alignment as your feet and pelvis. We found the proper distance from the ball at address and I showed you a proper strong grip by rotating your left hand clockwise and snugging your right hand over your left thumb.

From this position, we worked on the takeaway using your shoulders to pivot around your spine. At the top of your swing you were allowing your arms to fold too much and this caused the club shaft to go well past horizontal. But we quickly corrected this by maintain a straighter left arm to the top of your swing. Your right elbow correctly pointed down toward the ground and you were able to bow your wrist at the top.

There are a few small flaws at the top of the swing, but we can fix those pretty quickly in future lessons.

Overall, your downswing, through swing and finish swing are in pretty good shape for someone with no golf experience. I think you will be a quick adapter to golf.

The videos below are for your reference. This way you can see exactly what your swing looks like now and in future videos you’ll be able to see how much you’ve progressed.

Looking forward to helping you learn more about golf when you return from your trip. Be safe.

Coach Glen