EDWARD 6.17 Session

Excellent progress.

I like the distances you’re achieving.

Just need to get them consistently to your targets.

Great job on reducing the lead knee-bend. Didn’t even notice until you mentioned it.

The knee bend will keep coming back for a time, but eventually will totally disappear and will feel unnatural when it does show up until then.

You are mostly pivoting and staying over the ball and your basic swing is improving a lot.

There are several things that look good including your grip and setup. Still need some work in these areas: ball position – towards center for irons and towards lead foot instep for driver and fairway woods. Also, be sure to check tee height when teeing the ball. Ball should be teed halfway above the driver head.

Also work on these:

  1. Lead with shoulders in takeaway and keep left arm locked. If it bends, at top your arc will change.
  2. Check clubface at waist high with club toe pointing just a little forward, not straight up.
  3. Pivot around your sternum or spine, which will keep you from swaying your upper body.
  4. Keep the clubhead on the target line for as long as possible during takeaway.
  5. Keep arms fully extended to maintain a perfect arc, not circle, throughout swing.
  6. Always start your downswing from right big toe, or generally the right foot.
  7. This kicks the hip forward and will automatically drop your arms into the correct position for the downswing. Let the club drop to a path inside the target line so that at impact your clubhead is 1 to 2-degrees open and 2 degrees across target line for a draw.
  8. Follow the hip bump with your forward pivot ending the swing with your belt buckle facing the target.
  9. Do not release the club until the clubhead is well past impact. This is how you create lag and speed which determines distance.
  10. Finish with arms high and right elbow facing your target.

Choose any of the above swing mechanics to work on one or two at a time and as you master them include others until you’ve worked on all of them.