Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kiwi Golf Introduces the FIRECRACKER Tee

Engineered and Designed to Improve Distance and Accuracy; Conforms to the Rules of Golf

(Houston, Texas) -  Due to its special design, the FIRECRACKER Tee from Kiwi Golf increases distance, accuracy and durability as compared to conventional tees. Manufactured using a special formula of polymers, the unique FIRECRACKER Tee is flexible, easy to use and durable.

The ball is perfectly balanced on the FIRECRACKER Tee by the patented tripod design, allowing a cushion of air directly underneath the ball. On a conventional tee, upon impact, every ball flattens and puts downward pressure on the tee, creating excessive friction. With the FIRECRACKER Tee, the ball still flattens upon impact, but does not touch the bottom of the tee, resulting in greater accuracy and longer drives.

With the Firecracker Tee, drives are truer. In fact, the FIRECRACKER Tee is the closest thing to mid-air suspension of anything ever on the market.

In an independent test conducted by Golf Test USA, the FIRECRACKER Tee outperformed all other tees tested. The FIRECRACKER Tee was rated best in each category tested: longest drives, most accurate drives (smallest dispersion rate) and best smash factor, considered the "Holy Grail" of golf.

According to Golf Test USA, "We are confident that the FIRECRACKER Tee will help golfers hit longer and straighter drives."

Regarded as a specialty tee, the Firecracker Tee Conforms to the Rules of Golf, and is available in a selection of eight colors.

Kiwi Golf will exhibit its FIRECRACKER Tees in Booth 3408 across from the New Products Zone Entrance at the PGA Merchandise Show, January 22-24. Hitting bays are available to test the FIRECRACKER Tees on Demo Day, January 21.

My Revolutionary Tee Invention

Initially, I was interested in creating a new golf tee to make it easier to tee up the ball, particularly at the driving range and one that would resist breaking, unlike like most other tees. I saw kids and adults struggling with teeing up the ball while practicing drives on the range, plus the tees seemed to break with every hit. I knew there had to be a better way. I set out to invent a special tee and I did.

But more than that, I took the opportunity to add a little physics to the design and in the process invented a tee that provides greater distance and accuracy than any other tee on the market. No other tee has my tripodal design because I have 5 different patents protecting my creation.

There are two videos posted here. The first stars my granddaughter Lexi Brooks demonstrating my Firecracker golf tee. The second video was taken at the 2008 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. All the golfers in the video are PGA playing pros and PGA teaching pros. They all had great things to say about the ease of using my tee and how much it increased their distance and accuracy. All of the comments were voluntary and unsolicited. The golf pro in the grey shirt insisted we video him demonstrating my tee. His commentary was extemporaneous and totally unrehearsed. Ditto for the golf student from UofNC. He loved the tee so much that he too asked if he talk on camera about his own experience.

Many golfers have used Firecracker golf tees including several entire high school golf teams. One golfer in Dallas sent me text messages with every round he played with his one and only Firecracker Tee—he stopped sending me messages after 100 rounds without breaking it. He said he retired the tee, framed it and hung it in his golf room.

The director of the annual PGA St. Jude’s Golf Tournament in Tennessee provided my Firecracker Tees to every golfer, pro and non-pro, at the charity round on Wednesday before the 4-day PGA tournament. Many top pros played my tee at this event and I understand that quite a few still do. The tournament director loved playing with my tee so much that he called it "Magic Tee." One day his caddie became so impressed with his new found driving abilities that he said to the tournament director, "I need to call your wife and ask her who's playing with her husband's clubs!"

Coach Glen