JAY – 1.30.20 RANGE TOUR 18

We started the session by my asking Jay what is giving him the most difficulty at this time. He said, “Getting off the tee.”

I examined his Driver. It is not ideal. The loft is too low and the shaft too stiff. This club is built for an advanced player with a high swing speed of 100-110-plus. Jay’s swing speed averages around 85-90mph…a few drives in the 70s and a few approaching 100.

Jay plans to get fitted for a driver with a higher loft. I recommend a 10.5 with a Regular Flex shaft and a mid to low kick-point and about 3-degrees of torque. A professional club fitter can provide Jay with this information after testing his swings.

Jay’s set of irons were fitted for him. The toe seemed to rest a little high however Jay’s divots appear to be even across their width…no digging of toe or heel.


Today, we worked on finding Jay’s top of the swing SLOT. Jay’s Slot will bring his hands down a few inches and the club arc will be a less vertical…more in a correct swing plane. This is the position we want Jay to place the club when he takes a full swing with a 7- iron or driver and those clubs in between those two. Combined with setting the hands in the correct position, Jay will produce more speed and accuracy through the impact zone.

At the top, the right-hand palm should face up to the sky and the back of the left hand should also face up to the sky in equal amounts. This requires that the right forearm become vertical and slightly past the “L-shape” away from Jay’s right side at the top. As seen the videos below, Jay's hands were not in the correct position.

Jay’s left wrist should be straight, bowed, or very slightly cupped, depending upon his ability to bring his hands into proper position. The straight or bowed left wrist will increase club speed as the bowed or straight wrist leads the club’s handle past the ball before the clubhead impacts the ball. This delofts the club, increases speed and creates consistent impacts.

As noted in the videos below in regular and slow motion we observed that Jay needs to practice getting the club into his Slot at the top of his swing. However, after these videos were taken Jay was making more progress in getting closer to the correct Slot position and as a result began hitting the Driver and the 7-Iron longer and straighter. The longest 7-Iron was 151 yards with 80mph club speed and 100mph ball speed. Smash Factor ratio was 1.32. Very good progress today, because Jay’s ball dispersion decreased significantly, and the ball was much closer to the target line. In other words, much more accurate shots.


We practiced Pitching to a 63-yard pin. At first, Jay was using a full swing with a 56-degree wedge. The ball launched very high although some shots were close to the target. Video was not taken but it appeared that Jay scooped the ball off the mat to get the very high trajectory. We made a complete change in pitching to the pin to bring the ball flight down while trying to find the right amount of backswing and speed to find the target. It took several attempts for Jay to accomplish the ¾ and ½ swing motions with moderate speed to reach the pin on a much lower trajectory. The swing motion involves no wrist hinge at this distance and the club is preset at Address, so the club face is delofted with the handle of the club well in front of the ball position. This same angle is maintained through the backswing and forward swing. Most weight on the front foot with minimal lower body movement. Jay got the hang of it and will continue to practice this streamlined and reliable method in the coming weeks.


We practiced Chipping with a Sand Wedge and an 8-Iron. Jay chipped to the closest pins with his Sand Wedge and distant pins with his 8-Iron. Jay used the same presets he used in the Pitching shots—no wrist hinge. Handle forward of the ball position. Most of his weight on the front leg, no lower body movement and ball forward toward front foot and also forward of center. Jay adapted to this setup right away and he will practice this efficient and reliable Chipping technique in the coming weeks.

This concluded our lesson in just over an hour.