JOSE   [Lesson No. 2]

You’re showing very powerful moves and we need to identify problematic elements holding you back.

  1. Your upper and lower body is moving back, or swaying, during your backswing. Watch the first video in slow motion and you’ll see what I mean. Pay particular attention to your movement away from the ball. This shows that your center of gravity has shifted away from the ball making it difficult to get back on the downswing to make solid impact with a neutral club face [not open].
  2. At the top of your swing your elbow is flying away from your body when it should be pointing toward the teeing ground. It might help to place a golf towel under your right armpit and try to hold it there during the backswing. This was an earlier video and I remember we corrected this during the session.
  3. Impact position show the club released too soon. You’ve done a great job of holding your wrist cocked during most of your downswing but you release a little too early…just fractions of a second early. Your club face gets ahead of your hands at impact and we want the opposite for maximum impact. Your hands and your grip should lead the way through the impact so that the angle of your club shaft is angled back to the ball.
  4. Hips: Turning your upper torso around your spine angle while your pelvis resists turning will prevent you from swaying and moving away from the ball. However, your pelvis shift forward is a little behind the start of your downswing. We did work on this as well following this earlier video. Basically, the pelvis should turn very little on the backswing and should shift hard forward to initiate the downswing. Once the pelvis is shifted it should turn toward the target with your belt buckle facing down the line at your target.