You've come a long way in a really short time. Your basic swing is getting to be near perfection in my mind. You have a great transition at the top, which is one of the most difficult moves in golf to achieve. This is because you stay within the box, or barrel, in your backswing [hips resisting while shoulders are turning and leading the way] and you're able to shift your hip forward down-the-target-line at just the right moment to initiate the downswing.

Also, you have a great ability to stay on plane...and it looks like it's a single plane throughout the swing and that's fine. Some golfers and instructors believe a dual plane is better, but I see no reason to change yours because you're beginning to make solid contact with the ball.

The most important thing for you to work on now is your elbow positions. They move away from each other in the backswing. the right elbow should track along with your left one throughout the swing...back and forward. This will keep your right elbow vertical in the backswing which will prevent some of the cupping of your left wrist and this will help you to flatten or bow that wrist coming through the impact zone. Also, the elbows track together through the forward swing to the finish with a wider arc than the downswing.


This vid stops at the top and you can easily see the right elbow has moved away from your body and away from your left elbow. When they are together in this position, your right elbow will be vertical and not horizontal. This is the key swing element for you to work on.