JUSTIN Lesson – 6.10.20

Hi Justin,

Good to see you again today. Your swing has many strong points such as staying centered over the ball, not swaying or rocking, etc.

However, you are hitting solid shots for two reasons:

1.     Most of your shots are hit with the toe of your clubhead

2.     Many of your shots are topped

The reasons are the straightening of your left leg before ball contact, but the primary reason is because you’re breaking your left elbow before impact. Both contribute, but your left elbow appears to be the biggest factor for your mishits.

Just focus on these two things…mostly the left elbow bending. Keep your arm fully extended throughout the golf swing until it must bend at the top of your finish.

There are 8 videos…some are duplicates at slower speeds, or with multiple freeze frames. I’ll mention underneath each swing elements for you to look at.

I understand that your next lesson will be Wednesday, July 8th at 2pm, unless you otherwise need to change it to another time.

Coach Glen


Swing at regular motion speed. Overall look is excellent with the exception few exceptions that we can work on at another lesson.

Swing at slow motion speed. The ball appears to be topped at impact. Overall look is excellent with the exception few exceptions that we can work on at another lesson.

This video at regular motion...look is excellent.

This video is in slower motion and has several freeze frames. Follow your left elbow and watch it bending at each freeze frame on the way down. At the top your left elbow is in excellent position. The ball flies of the toe of your clubface. The left elbow is mostly responsible for pulling away from the ball. Keep it straight and extended throughout the swing and you'll most like stop toeing and topping the ball.

From the rear, just notice your elbow is bent in the freeze frame...keep it extended without a bend.

In this video you hit the ball near the hosel and heel and a bit high on the ball.

Note that in this video your club hits the ball off the toe. Again, your elbow is bent at impact and looks like it's lifting away from the ball.