JORDON 9.4.20

Hi Jordon,

Good to see you again and I enjoyed our lesson time.

The primary focus today was to make some adjustments in your set up in the following ways:

  1. Wider Stance
  2. Reaching more to straighten the angle between your arms and the club’s shaft
  3. Preset your body to align more with your ball impact position
  4. Neutral grip instead of weak grip…left glove logo at 30-45 degrees of target line
  5. Ball position more centered instead of behind center

The secondary focus was to make adjustments in your swing in the following ways:

  1. More shoulder turn during initial pivot
  2. Resist turning your hips during the backswing to build torque between your upper and lower body
  3. Do shift 90-percent of your weight to the right side during the backswing
  4. Creating more lag in the downswing by holding your wrist-cock longer
  5. Hitting down and through the ball to create divot forward of the ball’s position

The photo below was taken to show you what it looks like in your new address position

Next, the two videos demonstrate your former set up and swing and the new set up and swing. The difference may not look that much different to you, but to me the difference is big and beautiful. Your new posture not only looks better but is also a much more powerful position.

Each of the following videos are sequenced to show your swing in regular and slow-motion, and the slow-motion versions demonstrate different club positions in freeze framing.

Your position at the top is a close to perfect as it needs to be. You have a perfect triangle between your arms, your right elbow is pointing toward the ground, your left wrist is straight along the line of your forearm, and your club is close to parallel…no over or under swing.

When you mishit it’s because the clubface is open at impact. You’ll see this very clearly in one of the videos, otherwise mostly you were hitting with a square clubface with the new posture.

You’ve made a lot of progress in just to lessons so you’re on a really good track.

Coach Glen