JORDON 11.14.20


Good lesson today, Jordon.


Your swing improved quite a bit during our session.


  1. Left leg rotation to the inside instead of bending away from your body.

This builds muscle torque in your leg, while bending it does not.


  1. Excellent shoulder pivots in the takeaway.


  1. Arms and club are in excellent position at the top of your swing.


  1. Reduction in cupping of your left wrist at the top of your swing [now flat to bowed].


  1. Keeping the club moving along the target line [alignment rod] as long as possible.


  1. Maintaining full arm [both] extension throughout the swing for wider and smoother arc.


  1. Slowing down the backswing for better control of the club.


We also reviewed your grip, setup and ball position to be sure everything is correctly placed.


The videos are for your review.