JOSE Lesson 6.30.20

Today, we worked on a few full swing adjustments, chipping and putting techniques.


The explanation of the Iron Byram, the club testing machine, seemed to resonate with you in understanding the lever motion of the golf swing. The left arm is primarily in charge of this motion and acts as your swing lever.

Another thing we addressed is the “wobble” at the top of your swing and how that is related to your baseball swing. As mentioned, the golf swing needs to be pure and precise with no extraneous, or extra motion.

Additionally, we worked on keeping your elbows together during the back and forward swings and that your right elbow should point to the ground as your move your club to the top of your swing, rather than away from your body…that’s called a flying elbow and something to avoid for a number reasons, the primary one being that it causes your left wrist to be deeply cupped when it needs to be flat.

We also discussed the pelvis pivot being triggered by the muscles inside of your right thigh. This is a drill that you could work on often, with or without a club in your hands.


You described chipping as something that is a challenge for you when playing a round of golf. We worked on a simple technique to get the ball on the green and near the pin. First, I demonstrated how you should match your body’s set up at whatever angle of the slope is you are chipping from…rather than being upright…match the slope.

Second, I demonstrated the simple to achieve and very reliable shoulder “cradle” motion chipping to the pin. Your back and forward swing tempo should match with the same speed in both directions. You vary the length of the stroke based on the distance you need the ball to travel to the pin. Your success with this motion was immediate and with excellent results.

Big congratulations on this big stroke saver.


We checked your putting technique, which is pretty much the same as your chipping technique and it seems to be working quite well…holing out 2 of your 3 long putts. Again, great job.

Coach Glen