Hi Jose,

Super job today.

I’m very excited about what you learned during our lesson, and very impressed with the results. In results, we’re talking speed, distance, and Smash Factor.


Look at this. On the left the results of your 7-iron. This is unheard of at the point you are in your lessons and practice. On the right the results with my 10.5-degree driver. 288 yards in carry distance. Total distance likely 300+ yards. Huge!


In the beginning, we checked your setup position from the front and the side views. Everything looked correct. Except we increased the club shaft lean forward of the ball with club head behind the ball.

We checked your position of the takeaway as the club head reached waist high. We increased your shoulder turn so that you would have a full three-quarters shoulder turn at this position while keeping the club in front of your chest to prevent reaching across it.

We checked the top of your swing position and found that your right elbow was angled a little away from your left elbow instead of being vertical with elbow pointing to the ground. I suggested the way to accomplish this is to concentrate of keeping your elbows close together throughout your swing.

We checked your left wrist position at the top of your swing and found that it is cupped more than it should. We decided not to spend too much time working on this as it was lower on your list of priorities for today’s lesson.

When you warmed up with your 7-iron, you were a bit inconsistent in your ball striking and results. Some of your balls when straight, or left, some flew high right, some were fine.

Because of these results, I suggested that you were probably scooping the ball rather than hitting down on it. Something went off in your brain!

You made an immediate change in the way you approached the ball through the impact zone with more of a delofted club face hitting down through the ball. Results were immediately great.

You hit your 7-iron 187 yards…mind boggling. You hit your 7-iron again…194 yards! This was spectacular results.

You hit your driver 260+ yards. You hit my driver 288 yards carry and likely 300+ yards before it stopped rolling!

These great results are mostly because you made that one simple, but extremely significant change in the way you hit the ball.

See you in about two weeks.

Coach Glen

PS: I’m very excited to see these results. As I’ve said from the very beginning, you have an opportunity to become a really good golfer.


Great set up position. Great shoulder Pivot. Great position at top...only your right elbow is pointing slightly away from your left elbow. Otherwise, everything is in the correct position.


Downswing initiated with your lower body. Great lag created by keeping your wrist cocked. Impact zone is missing because the speed was too quick to capture manually. Powering through the ball. Finishing your swing. Great job.

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Ideal set up position...very similar to your set up today.

Hitting down on ball with irons and sweeping up on ball that is teed up.

This video was shot before hitting down on the ball.

Same video in slow motion. Stop frame at top to show position of right elbow. Away instead of down. Also, stop frame at bottom near the ball with open club face at this point.

This video is after you started hitting down on ball.