JOSE — 7.7.20 Lesson

Our lesson focused on several smaller issues to improve your consistency, impact, and chasing the ball down the line.

A couple of side notes: I suggested that your stance is too wide. The width inside your feet should be the same as the width of your shoulders. Also, we talked about ball position. When hitting balls off the turf, the ball is just forward of center by no more than a ball’s diameter. When teed, the ball should be in line with your left heel.

There are four elements that we’re tweaking:

  1. The shoulder pivot
  2. The vertical right elbow
  3. Trigger the hip pivot forward initiated by the inner adductor thigh muscles of right leg
  4. Chasing the ball down the line

We want to increase your shoulder pivot quicker from the takeaway to prevent reaching across your chest to move the club.

The vertical right elbow will help prevent deep cupping of your left wrist at the top of your swing.

The hip pivot trigger to get your pelvis moving and pivoting before you start your arms down.

Chasing the ball down the line is a mental picture to help prevent you from swinging your club around your stance rather than straight to your target.

The videos with your 3-Wood or Driver are regular, slow motion and freeze frames to illustrate different portions of your swing.

See descriptions below each video.

This video shows you practicing getting your right elbow in a vertical position at the top of your swing.

This video is the same practice swing above but in slow motion with a freeze frame to show your right elbow position.

This video in regular speed shows your full swing and making ball impact. [Notice that your grip is in line with the outside of your left thigh. Bring the club to the center of your stance, then lean the club’s grip to your inner left thigh.

This video show is in slow motion and the two freeze frames focus on your shoulder pivot. The freeze is where the club’s shaft is horizontal, and this is where you should have a ¾ shoulder turn. It looks more like a ¼ shoulder turn. The second freeze frames is more like a ¾ shoulder turn however the club’s shaft is well above horizontal in this position. This why I mentioned we need to get your shoulders pivoting sooner.

Again, this video is you practicing your proper swing plane and vertical right elbow.

This video is your full swing in slow motion and the freeze frame illustrates your right elbow moving away from your upper body and this creates deep cupping of your left wrist.

This is the same video as above but in regular motion.

This video is in regular motion for your full swing.

Same video as above but in slow motion and the freeze frames shows your arms chasing the ball down the target line and are fully extended as they should be in this position.